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Annual Conference & Trade Show
and Board of Directors Meeting

Southeastern Electric Exchange
2022 Annual Conference & Trade Show.  

Like you and your companies, S.E.E. has continued to monitor the health and safety aspects related to resuming in-person meetings. We continue to engage with member utility company executive leadership and their commitment to approve attendance and active participation at annual conference. We expect to make a final decision on whether to conduct the 2022 conference in person no later than January.  

Please continue holding the dates for the S.E.E. 2022 Annual Conference & Trade Show scheduled for
Wednesday, June 29 through Friday, July 1, 2022, in Tampa, Florida.

What makes the SEE Annual Conference and Trade Show a popular choice

---for Utility Members?

  • Breakout sessions provide in-depth presentations by industry experts on the latest issues and applications.
  • General Sessions highlight different perspectives on global issues that affect our business.
  • Virtual tradeshow booths provide access to the latest in equipment and technology.

…for Manufacturers, Contractors, Consultants, Specialists and Professionals?

  • During this event SEE offers further opportunity to increase your company's customer base, brand awareness and visibility through
    -Trade Show exhibit booths

    -Corporate Sponsorship (more info)
Conference Contacts

S.E.E. Senior Conference Coordinator: Amy Bekele
S.E.E. Trade Show Coordinator: Kendra Cutno
For concerns or questions, please contact Amy Bekele

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