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Annual Conference & Trade Show
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2018 Conference Agenda
Distribution Section
Thursday, June 28, 2018
Presiding:   Chairman Roland Deike, Manager - Major Underground Engineering – CenterPoint Energy
7:00 AM Group Breakfast sponsored by Sargent & Lundy
8:00 AM Welcome, Call to Order and Safety Moment
Roland Deike, Manager - Major Underground Engineering – CenterPoint Energy
8:15 AM 2017 Hurricane Discussion Panel - Significant Lessons Learned
Panel discussion of lessons learned from the restoration efforts of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.
Facilitator: Jeff Dossey, Manager, Emergency Preparedness & MA – Oncor Electric Delivery

Tom Gwaltney, Sr. Director, Central Maintenance, PD – Florida Power & Light

Colby Gravatt, Operations Manager – CenterPoint Energy
David Maske, Emergency Operations Manager – Georgia Power

Phil Lewis, Emergency Restoration Planning Manager – American Electric Power

9:15 AM Beverage Break sponsored by UtiliCon Solutions 
9:45 AM Using Drones for Damage Assessment - Panel
Panel discussion of the use of drones for damage assessment during restoration efforts.

Facilitator: Jeff Dossey, Manager, Emergency Preparedness & MA – Oncor Electric Delivery

Bobby Hawthorne, Power Delivery DES Manager – Alabama Power
Pierce Prater, Service Consultant Supervisor – CenterPoint Energy
Eric Schwartz, Lead Project Manager – Florida Power & Light
10:45 AM Industry Excellence Award Presentation ~ Distribution 
Distribution Engineering Reliability Tool (D.E.R.T.)
Improving distribution reliability can be a very difficult task. D.E.R.T. is a computer application that analyzes real-time outage data to provide engineers information to be able to make quick, educated decisions to improve reliability. This presentation will explain this application, demonstrate how engineers use it and discuss the results seen since its release.
David Boyd, Reliability Engineer - Alabama Power
11:30 AM Tradeshow Luncheon Sponsored by Primoris T&D
1:00 PM Smart LED Lighting
As utilities begin to consider Smart LED lighting, consider the implications for all parts of the business. A Smart Lighting system can be the equivalent of another AMI Network and touch many more parts of the company than traditional lighting.
Ben Hancock, Supervisor MDM Operations - Georgia Power
1:45 PM Recent FCC Activity Involving Pole Attachments
As the FCC focuses on broadband deployment through small cells and 5G, it is once again considering rules that could impact our pole infrastructure. Eric and Allen will discuss the rules being considered by the FCC Staff and the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee that will impact our facilities.
Eric Langley, Partner - Langley & Bromberg, LLC
Allen Bell, Distribution Support Manager - Georgia Power
2:30 PM
Refreshment Break sponsored by PLH Group 
3:00 PM Network Inspection and Maintenance Apps: Utilizing iPad Tech in the Field
This presentation will cover Dominion Energy’s application of network inspections using an I-phone or I-pad, and the web based data collection tool.
Marty O'Baker, Manager, Distribution Operations - Network - Dominion Energy
3:45 PM Innovations in Underground
What if you could change tools and practices to improve safety, and as a byproduct, also improve efficiency and quality? Would you be interested? Sometimes it is best to Reject the status quo, Find new solutions, and Drive the change into reality. This is a story of how a department challenged the old “tried and true” ways with new innovations, and how the “culture change” piece can be navigated for a wildly successful outcome.
Bob Roy, Director - Major Underground - CenterPoint Energy
4:15 PM Strategic Undergrounding
Utilizing targeted undergrounding of tap lines to significantly reduce total length of restoration following severe weather events.
Alan Bradshaw, Director, Strategic Underground - Dominion Energy
5:00 PM Adjourn
Friday, June 29, 2018
7:00 AM Group Breakfast Sponsored by
8:00 AM The Industrial Athlete at Dominion Energy - From New Hire to Retire
Why do we hire employees into our line worker programs with only a written test and panel interview? Why do we offer no support to our employees for their most important tool – their bodies? This presentation will cover our research based approach to hire and screen employees to be able to predict those that are more susceptible to injury and provide the tools to help prevent those injuries. This is not a corporate wellness plan it’s an injury prevention strategy.
Rob Locke, Director Electric Safety, Training & Environmental Compliance - Dominion Energy
8:45 AM BIL, More than Just a Lightning Strategy
Are you really wanting to minimize Distribution outages? Can it really be that simple to eliminate half of our distribution outages? Yes, it really is. This presentation will make lightning mitigation a simple strategy to understand, but BIL is more than just a lightning strategy. I am still amazed at how simple and effective this strategy really is. Maybe you will be amazed as well.
David Taylor, Staff Engineer, AM Program Design - Entergy
9:30 AM Break 
9:45 AM Grid Automation at FPL
As we continue to modernize our electric grid, we have focused our efforts on leveraging and expanding smart technologies to build and manage the grid of the future. Please join us in our journey to service excellence as we incorporate emerging technologies in our day-to-day operations to reduce operational and maintenance costs.
Rick Teigland, Florida Power & Light
10:30 AM Closing Comments, Doorprize Drawings and Adjourn

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