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2018 Conference Agenda
Transmission Line Section
Thursday, June 28, 2018

Chairman – Katie Shaddix, Senior Transmission Line Engineer – Alabama Power  

7:00 AM Group Breakfast sponsored by Sargent & Lundy
8:00 AM Welcome, Introductions, and Safety Moment

Katie Shaddix, Senior Transmission Line Engineer – Alabama Power  

8:15 AM Foundation Repairs

In 2017 Entergy utilized multiple repair types on the transmission system to make structure improvements to various structures. Projects and repair types to be discussed included carbon-fiber reinforcement of concrete pedestals for MS river crossing towers, reinforcement of steel legs for 500kV lattice towers, and reinforcement of steel poles.

Jessica Dufrene, Supervisor, Transmission Lines – Entergy
Dustin Pittman, Sr. Project Manager – Entergy
8:35 AM             Chickasaw - Silverhill 230kV Reconductor

This presentation will summarize the construction strategies used to reconductor approximately 20 miles of 230 kV transmission line across the environmentally sensitive Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, including how unmanned air systems aided in the discovery of nesting bald eagles on the transmission towers.

Jeff Tillery, Line Construction Project Supervisor-South – Alabama Power
Tommy Sellers, Transmission Line Inspector Sr. – Alabama Power

8:55 AM AC Mitigation, Railroad Signaling Issues

All railroads in proximity to transmission lines are susceptible to induced voltages. In some cases the impact on railroad signaling can be severe and impact safety, ultimately delaying or stopping functionality. This presentation will cover an overview of the concepts, risks, and general mitigation techniques used to design a high voltage line in close proximity to railroads. 

Ryan Cisco, Overhead Transmission Engineer - ComED
9:15 AM

Brown Tap – Little City 138kV Flooding

This presentation talks about the unique circumstance encountered by Oklahoma Gas & Electric when heavy rains fail a levee in southeastern Oklahoma. OG&E explains about the clean-up, remediation, and time it takes to energize a line that is submerged under water. Living in Oklahoma, you never know what the weather will bring.

Towns Holmboe, Lead Transmission Engineer – Oklahoma Gas and Electric Services

9:30 AM Beverage Break sponsored by UtiliCon Solutions
9:50 AM Foundation Installation Issues – Part 1

With load growth increasing in our service territory, our transmission conductors keep getting larger, our poles keep getting taller, and our foundations continue to increase in size and depth. As these foundations continue to grow, the type of foundation and the practices by which it is installed become critically more important. This presentation will review issues with both drilled pier concrete and vibratory caisson installations, the methods used to solve those immediate problems, and the process changes that we have adapted going forward.

Matt Talley, Manager, Transmission Engineering – South Carolina Electric & Gas

10:20 AM

Enhanced Routine Switch Inspection Program Using Infrared Technology

This presentation reviews a lineman’s proposal to use infrared technology to enhance an existing transmission line switch inspection program. Using handheld infrared cameras, switches heating outside of a normal range can be identified and repairs can be proactively addressed and prioritized, minimizing potential customer impacts and improving reliability.

Kristen Bridges, Transmission Line Construction Supervisor – Alabama Power

10:40 AM UAV Usage for Damage Assessment

The use of UAVs has been explored within the transmission and distribution utility space in recent years, including using a UAV for damage assessment after a major storm. What should a utility company consider when using a UAV within transmission and distribution ROWs? This presentation reviews how UAVs have been used as a tool for assessing damaged facilities and ROW hazards, and for developing a repair strategy without stepping foot within the work area.

Jonathan D. Fuge, PE, Senior Engineer - PPL Electric Utilities
11:10 AM

Best Practices for Blasting Near a Transmission Line

What should a utility company consider when there is a proposed blasting near transmission structures? How do you best engage with the property owners, contractors and internal parties before, during, and after a blasting event? This presentation reviews guidelines and best practices for blasting near transmission facilities.

Frank Li, Senior Engineer – Georgia Power

11:30 AM Luncheon Buffet inside Tradeshow sponsored by Primoris T&D
1:30 PM James River Crossing Replacement

Dominion Energy recently replaced a critical Corten river crossing in Virginia. The river crossing towers were the tallest structures on Dominion Energy’s System, and the ACSR conductor was also unique to this location. The need to replace this crossing resulted in a project which presented various logistical, environmental, and design challenges.

Heather Buck & Chris Houlihan, Transmission Engineers – Dominion Energy

2:00 PM Industry Excellence Award Presentation ~ Transmission Line

FPL’s Quest to Diversify: Mapping Treasure and the Line to Turnpike Substation

FPL’s review of restoration alternatives for a catastrophic event impacting the transmission lines crossing a river outside an important power plant resulted in a phased, multi-year, three-pronged strategy to mitigate risks and provide terminal and corridor diversity for the site.  Learn how FPL’s first use of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) cable at 230 kV, first partial discharge (PD) detection system and the longest Fusible PVC installation and longest underwater horizontal directional drill (HDD) for power cables in North America (~7,000 feet in length) was successfully accomplished.

David Weda – Manager- Transmission Engineering - Florida Power & Light
Kim O’Donnell – Transmission Engineering Lead – Florida Power & Light
Phil Givens – Project Engineering Lead – NextEra Energy

2:30 PM Refreshment Break sponsored by PLH Group
3:10 PM Elba Island Project

Two 115kV transmission lines were designed and built in a highly corrosive salt marsh with extremely weak soil conditions (soft mud up to 40 feet thick) in Coastal Georgia. This presentation details the design and construction challenges and considerations from both transmission line and foundation perspectives.

Frank Li, Senior Engineer - Georgia Power
Justin R. Sheffield, P.E., Transmission Line Project Support – Southern Company Transmission
David Thornton, Transmission Civil Engineering Supervisor – Southern Company Services 
3:35 PM

Electronic T-Line Construction Package and Status Tracking using an Intelligent KMZ

Tired of Transmission Line construction packages being large oversized binders and drawings? Now construction packages can be electronic and easily accessible on a tablet! Ampirical has developed a way to merge the intelligence of a PLS-Cadd model with the KMZ export into GOOGLE Earth to give us an Intelligent KMZ (iKMZ) that allows us to easily access construction drawings at the location they are to be used. Construction status can be updated in real time and accessible to anyone, anywhere at any time. Construction progress through time lapse, asset management, maintenance and quicker storm restoration are other possibilities with this new tool.

Jordan Montz, Supervisor - Transmission Line Design - Entergy
Kurt Traub, Vice President of Transmission and Distribution Line Engineering – Ampirical Solutions
3:55 PM

Avian Mitigation through Data Analytics

This presentation will cover how PPL EU used data analytics to solve a very common reliability issue that challenges many utilities. Factoring in data such as environmental conditions and avian behaviors, PPL developed a structure by structure risk model to determine specific locations where to apply avian mitigation solutions.

Courtney Bell, EIT, Engineer – PPL Electric Utilities

4:15 PM

Tornado Restoration using 500kV ERP Structures

What is your utility’s go-to structure when extreme weather hits your service territory? On February 7, an EF-3 tornado with winds of 140 mph wreaked havoc on a .7 mile section of an Entergy 500kV transmission circuit in Watson, LA, damaging four 500kV towers with a 230kV circuit underbuild. This presentation will discuss the timely repairs utilizing in stock material and Entergy’s 500kV Emergency Replacement Structures.

Jordan Montz, Supervisor - Transmission Line Design - Entergy
4:35 PM Foundation Installation Issues - Part 2

Continuation of discussion from morning session.

Matt Talley, Manager, Transmission Engineering - South Carolina Electric & Gas
5:00 PM Adjourn
Friday, June 29, 2018

Incoming Chairman – Joe Godwin, TL Design -Senior Engineer – Southern Company Services

7:00 AM Group Breakfast sponsored by Stantec
8:00 AM Call to Order
Joe Godwin, TL Design -Senior Engineer – Southern Company Services
8:15 AM

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

In 2014, the Capital Projects – Transmission group was formed at Entergy to focus on the execution of the larger transmission projects in their portfolio. The mission statement of the group was to “Safely execute high quality transmission projects with cost and schedule certainty.” The execution strategy utilizes an EPC Contract methodology. This presentation will describe the project delivery system, scope of work development, oversight requirements for each project, and lessons learned associated with the use of EPC Contracts.

Ken Wilson, Manager, Transmission Engineering – Entergy

8:45 AM Roundtable  (Closed Session – Utility Personnel Only)
9:30 AM Refreshment Break 
9:45 AM Roundtable (continued)  (Closed Session – Utility Personnel Only)
11:00 AM Adjourn

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