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Annual Conference & Trade Show
and Board of Directors Meeting
2018 Conference Agenda
Thursday, June 28, 2018
Presiding:  Chairman – Brandy Kitchel, Supervisor, Transmission Right-of-Way Services – Georgia Power
7:00 AM Group Breakfast sponsored by Sargent & Lundy
8:00 AM Call to Order, Welcome and Introductions
Brandy Kitchel, Supervisor, Transmission Right-of-Way Services – Georgia Power
8:15 AM Safety Discussion 

Interactions with the public have become more and more dangerous. Do you have a safety program in place to protect your workforce while working alone in the field? This presentation will provide lessons learned and proven procedures to minimize risk to your staff when they are most vulnerable.

Kris Tietig, Manager, Land Services - Duke Energy Florida

9:00 AM Storm Issues and Lessons Learned
Jimmy Guzman, Major Storm Organization & Governance - Duke Energy
9:30 AM Beverage Break sponsored by UtiliCon Solutions 
9:45 AM

Next Generation Trails and Community Gardens

Transmission lines and substations are often considered a nuisance – necessary, but preferably “not in my backyard.”  What if utility companies could flip the script on what power lines represent, inextricably linking transmission lines with community assets, name community trails and gardens?

Mike Beehler, Vice President and Mark Van Dyne, Vice President – Burns & McDonnell

10:45 AM Panel Discussion: Valuation of Unique Damages

Working in right of way, we have all encountered the need to pay damages for crops like corn, hay, and soy beans.  But what do you do when you encounter a unique business with unique damage like a seed farm, a you-pick-it peach orchard, sugarcane which is a multi-year harvest, a rice farm, a crawfish farm, timber leases, and duck leases?  This panel will review those unique circumstances and how to consider valuation.

Colleen Kester, Mgr., Trans. Siting, Right of Way, Permitting, and Real Estate – PPL Electric

David Dunbar, Manager Right of Way, Capital Projects Group – Entergy Corporation

11:30 AM Luncheon Buffet inside Tradeshow sponsored by Primoris T&D
1:00 PM Estimating for Success

Collaboration between the utility and a ROW service provider can lead to successful project estimates with realistic milestones, schedules and budgets. A shared understanding of such key factors as in-service dates, regulatory requirements, commercial/financial parameters, and business processes establishes clear expectations, mitigates change orders and controls scope creep. This session will demonstrate how PPL and CLS work together to successfully estimate right of way acquisition projects.

Austin Weseloh, Supervisor, Transmission Right of Way and Real Estate – PPL Electric Utilities

Jerod Mickelson, Project Manager – Contract Land Staff

Keifer Rackley, Project Controls Supervisor – Georgia Power

1:30 PM Building Relationships with Government Agencies - Local Municipalities

Has a municipal code official derailed one of your projects? Avoiding municipal pitfalls can mean the difference between completing the project on time or having costly delay penalties. This presentation will provide useful tips in navigating municipal politics and permitting procedures associated with transmission projects.

Mike Shafer, Counsel - PPL Electric Utilities

1:30 PM Building Relationships with Government Agencies - Community Relations

Power In Partnerships:  How creating partnerships and a sense of ownership with communities, local governments, and first responders helps to build trust and set expectations when project teams arrive so near to their doorstep. We succeed when our partners succeed.

Ryan Robinson, President and Brent Robinson, Public Relations Manager – RTR Energy Solutions LLC

2:15 PM

Transmission Right-of-Way Encroachments

With the rebound of the economy and a sharp rise in building and development, protecting transmission rights-of-way from encroachments is now more important than ever. Alabama Power and Georgia Power each has a team dedicated to resolving encroachment issues and will describe their guidelines regarding acceptable uses, how they detect and resolve encroachments, and the potential consequences for a utility in not addressing encroachments in a timely manner.

Brandy Kitchel, Supervisor, Transmission Right-of-Way Services – Georgia Power

John Chitwood, Encroachments Supervisor – Alabama Power

2:45 PM Refreshment Break sponsored by PLH Group 
3:00 PM

Compensable Property Interest / Utility Relocation

Is your company leaving money on the table when relocating for a road project? Electric utility relocations can be a costly undertaking and the legal and regulatory issues surrounding when a utility is entitled to reimbursement can be convoluted.  This presentation will discuss the relocation process and delve into the legal and regulatory avenues available for successfully making a claim for reimbursement.

Mark Tilden, Project Manager - Georgia  Power
3:45 PM Appraisal Do's and Don'ts

Maximize your efficiency in right of way acquisitions. Start with pre appraisal planning to acquire the information that the appraiser and ROW agent will need; engaging an appraiser who can supply the needed expertise; preparing the legal/valuation team for testimony.  Preparing for the Courthouse most often leads to a quick acquisition.

Jack Patcella, Jr. - Equity Appraisals
4:30 PM Adjourn
Friday, June 29, 2018
Presiding:   Incoming Chairperson – Beth Trump, Real Estate Agent – SCANA Corporation
7:00 AM Group Breakfast sponsored by Stantec
8:00 AM Call to Order / Announcements
Beth Trump, Real Estate Agents - SCANA
8:10 AM Focused Roundtable Discussion – Closed Session (Utility members only)

- Temporary easements / acquisition issues
- Force majeure language (Dominion)
- Vendor management / metrics
- Distribution revenue

9:30 AM Break
9:45 AM Roundtable Discussion Continued - Closed Session (Utility Members Only)
11:00 AM Adjourn

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