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2018 Conference Agenda
Environmental/Production Joint Session
Thursday, June 28, 2018
Presiding:   Chairman Eric Bell, South Carolina Electric & Gas
7:00 AM Group Breakfast sponsored by Sargent & Lundy
8:00 AM Welcome and Call to Order
Eric Bell, Manager, Resource Commitment – South Carolina Electric & Gas 
8:10 AM

Commonwealth Edison Storm Water Treatment Plant Reconstruction Project

A 2017 ComEd capital project was executed for the redesign, demolishing and reconstruction of stormwater treatment basins responsible for pretreating stormwater discharges at 32-acre utility service center in Maywood, Illinois. Project focused initiatives were to rebuild two 40-year old structures, including associated mechanical, electrical systems while focusing on employing innovative and sustainable building practices. The Maywood Tech Center Stormwater Reconstruction project featured a number of technical improvements and innovations that modernized the stormwater treatment systems while overcoming environmental and technical challenges in a cost effective manner. This project was completed under budget, with zero safety or environmental events while meeting all NPDES permit required stormwater discharge requirements.

Michael J. Grazioli, Senior Environmental Compliance Specialist – ComEd

Ram Ramasamy, P.E., Project Manager – AECOM

9:00 AM

Florida Bay Energy Storage System: Improving Reliability at the Edge of the Grid

In 2016, FPL announced an innovative new energy storage pilot project. FPL's project aims to strengthen the electric grid by testing multiple applications of advanced battery technologies under real-life conditions. A battery back-up system in the Flamingo community of Monroe County – the southernmost tip of Everglades National Park, where a visitor center, campground and water treatment facility lie 45 miles from any other electric customer – to study ways to improve reliability for isolated areas and develop microgrid foundations.

Frankie H. Sanchez, MBA, Senior Engineer – Florida Power & Light

9:45 AM Beverage Break sponsored by UtiliCon Solutions 
10:00 AM Bird Mitigation/Currituck Sound Project

Who would have ever imagined that one of the most consistent and harmful causes of a disturbance to a transmission line would be caused by our feathered friends, the birds? Dominion has taken a stand against this species in order to protect not only our assets but these amazing creatures as well. By installing platforms, oversized insulators, and deterrents the number of disturbances have decreased, with one of the most noteworthy projects consisting of the installation of bird platforms across the Currituck Sound in North Carolina to provide nesting locations on old structures parallel to our energized transmission lines.

Carter Clevinger, Electric Transmission & Distribution Projects Manager II – Dominion Energy

Jill Hailey, Engineer II – Dominion Energy
10:45 AM

The Mitigation Bank Advantages for Solar and T&D Projects

The availability and choice of compensatory mitigation options can affect the cost, certainty, and schedule of a development project. Several options exist in theory for mitigating impacts to wetlands and listed species but fewer typically exist in the context of a specific project. A review of the suite of options will highlight the differences between wetland and conservation banks, in-lieu fees programs, permittee-responsible, and turn-key mitigation. The information presented is intended to inform project and program managers to be better able to assemble a mitigation package that works within the context of their project needs. 

Mark Tucker, National Mitigation Bank Design and Entitlement Lead – Burns & McDonnell 

11:05 AM

Conservation Projects as a Revenue Stream on Idle Asset Properties

Utility companies frequently have real estate assets on their ledgers which were acquired for operational buffers, as a part of a larger acquisition or merger, or even for projects which ended up being cancelled. This presentation discusses alternative revenue generation opportunities for these real estate classes using established environmental markets within the context of wetland and conservation banks, in-lieu fee programs, and permittee responsible mitigation needs. 

Paul Sherman, National Mitigation Bank Acquisition and Planning Lead – Burns & McDonnell

11:30 AM Luncheon Buffet inside Tradeshow
1:00 PM Burning Issues Identified for Hot Topics Roundtable
1:15 PM

Enhancing Steam Plant Operational Flexibility - Air Quality Control Equipment and Natural Gas

With mounting pressures including sustained lower natural gas prices and increased penetration of intermittent renewable resources, the need for greater flexibility from existing steam plant generating resources is growing for all utility operators. This presentation will discuss opportunities and strategies for enhancing operational flexibility through modifications to air quality control equipment and operating practices as well as natural gas co-firing additions or conversions. Two case studies will be reviewed.

Andrew Walker, Air Quality Control Supervisor – South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.

2:00 PM

Old Smokey Power -Transforming Aging Power Plants

Lower fuel prices, more efficient generating technologies and new environmental regulations are changing the country’s electric generating fleet. The availability of cleaner, less expensive gaseous fuels and new, more efficient generation technologies has made power plant decommissioning and asset recovery solution for the thousands of aging plants throughout the world. As are result, generators are evaluating options for power plant retirement, retrofit and replacement to minimize costs and improve their competitive positions.

Peter T. Belmonte, Vice President & Director, Power Generation – TRC Solutions

2:30 PM Refreshment Break sponsored by PLH Group 
3:00 PM Industry Excellence Presentation ~ Production

SCE&G’s Urquhart HRSG Units 5 and 6 Post Operational Cleanings

Post-operational chemical cleaning of HRSGs is something very new to the power generation industry. This presentation will discuss all of the chemical and engineering challenges plant personnel faced during SCE&G Urquhart Station’s multiple-HRSG chemical cleanings, and whether chemical cleaning of HRSGs will become a mainstay in today’s world.

Philipp Hudak, Engineer-II – South Carolina Electric & Gas

4:00 PM Industry Excellence Presentation ~ Environmental Category 
FPL Estero Bay Submarine Feeder Replacement: A Four-Mile Environmental Success Story

FPL explains countless environmental challenges that were encountered during the design, permitting and construction phases of a submarine feeder replacement project located in southwest Florida. The project required rigorous environmental due diligence, extensive agency coordination and special construction techniques in order to protect valuable resources within the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve.

Benny Luedike, Environmental Manager – Florida Power & Light
5:00 PM Adjourn
Friday, June 29, 2018
7:00 AM Group Breakfast sponsored by Stantec
8:00 AM Call to Order 
8:15 AM Hot Topics Roundtable (Utility Personnel Only)
9:30 AM Break 
9:45 AM Hot Topics Roundtable (Utility Personnel Only)
11:00 AM Adjourn

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